14 Apr

How to Move Accounts From One cPanel Server To Another ?

This tutorial explains a simple, straightforward method for migrating cPanel accounts from one server to another. You can use this method to transfer accounts from an old server to a new one, help customers from another host move to your host, etc.

– cPanel on both servers
– WHM access on the new server (one that the accounts are being moved to)

The server you are transferring the accounts from = “old server”
The server you are transferring the accounts to = “new server”

1. Log into WHM of your new server and create a new account called “restore”, or anything you like for that matter. Remember the FTP IP address, username (‘restore’, in this example), and account password. We will need these for later.

2. Log into the cPanel account you are wanting to transfer on the old server.

3. Click on “Backup >> Generate/Download a Full Backup”.

4. Once here, select the backup destination to be “Remote FTP Server (passive mode transfer)”.

5. Enter your email address for verification, followed by all of the FTP account information for “restore”, which we created on the new server.

-Remote Server: new server’s IP address
-Remote User: restore
-Remote Password: restore’s password
-Port: 21
-Remote Dir :www

Then, click “Generate Backup”. This may take some time to backup the files, depending on how large the account is. You should receive an email provided in the above info once it is complete. If you have more accounts to backup please start with step 2 and repeat it.

NOTE : You do not have to create separate new accounts for each backup. You can use the one you have created.

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