Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information / Privacy Policy

This application needs to access the following items to benefit from all features on your smartphone: contacts, camera, microphone and phone. Please note that this information is not stored on any external server and only used locally in the application, except for the case described below under “Collected Data”. The information gathered by the app is not forwarded, stored or used by any third party for any kind and is only used for the purpose to make a personal initiated call, except for the case described below under “Collected Data”. By registering for this application, you consent to our using it in the manner described in this policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by deregistering from the service. To do so, go to “settings” and activate “Reset application”.

Time Period

The Personal Data is necessary for the correct operation of the Service. They will be processed as long as the service is in use. In case you decide to stop using the Service and uninstall the related apps, all Personal Data will be removed from our servers within a period of 7 days, with the exception of data we are required to hold for compliance with a legal obligation which requires processing by Union or Member State law.

Right to be forgotten, Rectification of Personal Data

You have the right to request erasure of your Personal Data. To do so, uninstall the apps and the data will be removed automatically as specified in the “Time Period” paragraph. The service depends on the Personal Data being processed and can not work correctly without it. The Personal Data originates from the input given by the user; rectification can be done by editing the data within the app at any time.

Collected Data

  • SIP Account Credentials
    Required for Push Notifications and WebRTC app to work. They are being used to register the account on the server and forward any incoming calls and messages to the device via Push Notifications.
  • Address Book Data
    Required for “Contact Sync” and “Smart Contacts” feature to work. A copy of your Address Book is kept on the server and used to show your address book in WebRTC app and to notify you about your contacts that also use the Service. This optional feature may not be activated in your app. Ask your provider if this feature is activated.
  • IP Addresses
    When using features which require server components, like Push Notifications or Contact Sync and Smart Contacts, or any web services, the IP address and browser information may be logged by the servers. The logs are automatically rotated and the information in them is only processed when troubleshooting specific issues, or when required by law.
  • Usage Data
    The servers collect information whether the app has been actively used within the current month, for accounting/billing purposes. The data has a form of pseudonymized identifier which is reported by the app when it is used and the time since the last report is more than 14 days.

Software Development Copyright

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