01 Apr

Step by Step DirectAdmin Installation on CentOS 7

DirectAdmin Installation Guide

Easy steps for success

Step 1: Do you meet the system requirements?

– Clean CentOS 7 minimal install

– At least one external IP address

Step 2: Make sure your license information is correct.

– IP address assigned with Trial or Valid License

Step 3: Begin the installation!

**** SPECIAL NOTICE for non-root ssh logins ****
If logging in as a user other than admin or root (using su to gain root access):

You *must* add “AllowUsers username” to /etc/ssh/sshd_config before you log out from root or you’ll lose root on the server forever, and you’ll have to format.

– Run the pre-install commands before starting the install

yum install wget tar gcc gcc-c++ flex bison make bind bind-libs bind-utils openssl openssl-devel perl quota libaio \
libcom_err-devel libcurl-devel gd zlib-devel zip unzip libcap-devel cronie bzip2 cyrus-sasl-devel perl-ExtUtils-Embed \
autoconf automake libtool which patch mailx bzip2-devel lsof glibc-headers kernel-devel expat-devel \
psmisc net-tools systemd-devel libdb-devel perl-DBI perl-Perl4-CoreLibs perl-libwww-perl xfsprogs rsyslog logrotate crontabs file kernel-headers

1. Login as root and download the setup.sh file

cd /root

wget http://www.directadmin.com/setup.sh

2. Change permissions on the setup.sh file

chmod 755 setup.sh

3. Run the script

./setup.sh auto

(The auto method will be best for most people. It automatically installs everything for you, including the CSF firewall.

It can also be called as ‘./setup.sh’ without options, which requires input but allows for customization.)

Once finished the installation, you will get bellows information end of the installation.

The following information has been set:

Admin username: admin
Admin password: [this password is for login admin panel. you should changed the password immediately]
Admin email:

Server IP:
Server Hostname:

To login now, follow this link:



[iData Host providing DirectAdmin License and Hosting Services]

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